Super Bowl Gatorade Color Betting

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The NFL Super Bowl is not just the pinnacle of the NFL; it’s a global cultural phenomenon.

Beyond the intense gameplay and halftime shows, the Super Bowl has given rise to a myriad of traditions and quirks.

One such tradition, which might seem unusual to the uninitiated, is betting on the color of the Gatorade that will be poured on the winning coach.

Let’s dive into this colorful aspect of Super Bowl betting!

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Origins: How Did Gatorade Color Betting Begin?

The tradition of dousing the winning coach with a cooler of Gatorade began in the 1980s.

It started as a spontaneous celebration but quickly became one of the most anticipated moments of any Super Bowl victory.

As the tradition grew in popularity, so did the bets surrounding it.

Fans began speculating not just on which team would win, but also on the color of the Gatorade that would make its splashy appearance in the final moments.

Understanding Gatorade Color Betting: The Spectrum of Possibilities

The Gatorade Colors in Play

Gatorade comes in a variety of flavors and, by extension, colors. From the classic lemon-lime (yellow) to fruit punch (red) and cool blue, the possibilities are endless.

Each year, bettors analyze team preferences, past dousings, and even Gatorade commercials to predict the color of choice.

Super Bowl Gatorade Color Odds

Sportsbooks and US betting sites offer odds for each color, with some colors being more favored than others based on various factors.

For instance, if a particular team has a history of choosing a specific Gatorade color during the season, that color might have shorter odds.

Why Super Bowl Gatorade Color Betting Resonates with Fans

Light-Hearted Fun

While the stakes of the Super Bowl are incredibly high, Gatorade color betting offers a lighter, more whimsical aspect to the event.

It’s a chance for fans to engage in a fun bet that doesn’t require in-depth knowledge of the teams or players.

A Moment of Anticipation

Even after the game’s outcome is decided, the Gatorade shower keeps fans on the edge of their seats.

The reveal of the color adds an extra layer of suspense to the post-game celebrations.


Gatorade color betting is accessible to everyone, from die-hard football aficionados to casual Super Bowl party attendees.

It’s a universal bet that everyone can participate in, regardless of their football expertise and markets are available at all of our leading sportsbooks.

Our Conclusion on Super Bowl Gatorade Color Betting

The Gatorade color bet, while seemingly quirky, encapsulates the spirit of the Super Bowl.

It’s a blend of tradition, fun, and unpredictability.

As NFL fans gear up for the next Super Bowl, alongside team and MVP predictions, you can be sure that many will also be placing their bets on the color of the Gatorade shower, eagerly awaiting that splash of color at the game’s climax!

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