What is Scorigami in NFL?

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The NFL, with its rich history and dynamic gameplay, is a treasure trove of statistics, records, and unique terminologies.

While many fans are familiar with terms like “touchdown,” “field goal,” and “sack,” there’s a lesser-known term that has been gaining traction among football enthusiasts: “Scorigami.”

Let’s dive into this intriguing concept and understand its significance in the world of NFL.

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Origins: Where Did Scorigami Come From?

The term “Scorigami” is a portmanteau of “score” and “origami,” the Japanese art of paper folding.

But what does paper folding have to do with football? It’s all about creating a unique score that has never been seen before in the history of the NFL.

What is Scorigami in NFL?

Jon Bois, a sports writer and creator, popularized the term “Scorigami”. The idea behind Scorigami is to identify final game scores that have never occurred in the NFL’s extensive history.

Each new unique score adds a new “fold” to the league’s vast tapestry of results.

Understanding Scorigami: The Beauty of Unique Scores

The Quest for Uniqueness

With over a century of games played, the NFL has seen a wide range of scores. However, not all possible score combinations have occurred.

Scorigami celebrates the occurrence of a never-before-seen final score, adding a layer of intrigue to games that might otherwise be overlooked.

The Scorigami Chart

To track these unique scores, enthusiasts maintain a Scorigami chart.

This chart is a visual representation of all possible score outcomes, with already occurred scores marked off.

As new Scorigamis happen, they are added to the chart, filling in the gaps.

Why Scorigami Captivates NFL Fans

Beyond the Win-Loss Narrative

While the primary objective of any game is to win, Scorigami adds a secondary layer of interest.

Even in lopsided games or matchups that might not have playoff implications, the potential for a Scorigami keeps fans engaged till the final whistle.

A Nod to History

Achieving a Scorigami is a nod to the rich history of the NFL. It’s a reminder of the countless games played and the ever-evolving nature of the sport.

Each Scorigami is, in essence, a historical milestone.

Our Conclusion on Scorigami in NFL

Scorigami, while not an official term or statistic recognized by the NFL, embodies the passion and depth of interest that fans have for the game.

It’s a testament to the ever-evolving nature of football and the endless possibilities that each game presents.

As the NFL continues its journey, fans will be on the lookout for the next unique score, the next fold in the league’s storied history.

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