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Nevada Online Sportsbooks & Betting Sites

When it comes to American gambling, Nevada is very much the doyen of American states, with the iconic city of Las Vegas synonymous with the glitz and glamour associated with betting.

As a pastime, gambling has been available to punters in Nevada since the late 1940’s, with casinos and slots present throughout the state and for a long period, Nevada was the only state in America where gambling was legal – attracting millions of aspirational visitors per year.

Sports betting regulation was changed in America back in 2018, as each state was given the autonomy to make their own decisions on the legality of sports betting within its state lines.

This landmark decision impacted on Nevada way less than other states, but it has added increased competition to the gambling and sports betting market across America – forcing Nevada to become increasingly up to date with the latest national betting trends.

With part of the iconography associated with Nevada being travelling to the state to indulge within the incredible in-play betting options, the transition of the sports betting market online could be trickier than people perhaps envisage in Nevada.

But with cities like Las Vegas continually evolving, Nevada looks to already be adapting to the changes in betting trends and embracing them in their own inimitable style.

Legality of Sports Betting in Nevada

Known as somewhat of a punter’s playground, Nevada has always forged a reputation as one of the biggest gambling states not only in America, but across the world.

Gambling in most forms has been legal in Nevada since 1949 and the continued appeal of the Las Vegas strip has seen the vocation grow across the state exponentially over the past 70 years.

There are over 130 licensed casino operations in Las Vegas alone and whilst traditional casino games generally attract the attention of customers, sports betting has long been a popular part of the punting experience in the Silver State.

All of the major national and international sportsbooks have their operations in Nevada well established and transitioning over to the online betting sphere has been hugely simple for players in the state.

Nevada Online Sports Betting

Online betting has the task of fashioning its way into the fabric of punters in Nevada gradually, as betting convenience continues to be the optimal pull for gamblers.

Nevada are notoriously lax on their legislation surrounding betting and that is no different within the sports betting sphere.

With over 70 years’ worth of gambling state legislature to call upon, the online betting regulations in Nevada are in place to facilitate cooperative gambling for sportsbooks and punters alike:

  • Registered Operation – Nevada’s status within the gambling fraternity across America has enabled the state to become involved in the law making of sports betting nationally and as such there are specialist governing bodies that function out of Nevada. All online sports betting companies must register within the state of Nevada in order to offer online sports betting services and punters should be sure to look out for reputable and trustworthy companies that can prove their licensing agreement.
  • Anybody 21+ can open an account – Being 21 years of age is a pre-requisite for all gamblers in order to be able to place a bet in Nevada and that rule applies with punters looking to create online sports betting accounts. Registration can also be done in person, with the multitude of physical betting stores available in Nevada but state-of-the-art age verification technology is also used to ensure that punters are legally able to place a bet. With people from all over the world flocking to Nevada to access Las Vegas and all of its thrills, being able to bet as a visitor is a given and anybody can open an online betting account and start punting when inside Nevada state lines.

Nevada’s unique standpoint within the gambling industry in America sees them putting plenty on the line with the online sports betting revolution.

Part of the appeal to visitors was the taboo of visiting Las Vegas/Nevada and being able to place a bet care free, but with other states now catching up on the trend and being able to offer online sports betting legally, Nevada are having to keep both their in-person betting facilities enticing and their online sports betting regulations up to standard.

Who can bet on sports in Nevada?

As Nevada has danced to the beat of its own drum for so long, there are very few actual rules and restrictions placed on punters in the Silver State.

Since 2018, every state has possessed the autonomy to control the sports betting rules within their county lines and Nevada continue to exercise that right.

The absence of national rulings allows state governors to legislate in their constituency and whilst they generally act in the best interests of their residents, it can be tricky for punters to keep up with the developing trends.

Punters must be at least 21 years of age to legally place a sports bet in Nevada and as mentioned, all of the major online sports betting companies require verification and identification before a new customer can start betting with their company.

Identity verification is the only ruling Nevada have placed on punters within their state when online sports betting. When betting in person, gamblers may need to display ID in order to meet the age requirements but online these are far more stringent, and Nevada’s governors are looking to keep tabs on the situation as it develops.

Nevada Online Betting Sites & Sportsbooks

Tax rates are notoriously low in Nevada and with plenty of the world’s biggest sportsbooks already operating out of the Silver State, punters have a plethora of online sports betting sites to choose from.

The appeal of having an operating sportsbook in Nevada is as reputable for the bookmaker as it is for the punter and all of the biggest sportsbooks and betting sites in the world are eager to make their presence felt in Nevada.

Here are just some of the sportsbooks that operate online services in Nevada:

  • William Hill
  • Bet Rivers
  • Bet MGM
  • Fan Duel
  • Draft Kings and many more

What sports can you bet on in Nevada?

Whilst it isn’t perhaps the sporting hotbed many people perceive, Nevada more than hold their own across both the professional and college sports landscape. In addition, there are no restrictions placed on punters with regards betting on teams within the state – meaning sportsbook floors can be a memorable experience on the Las Vegas strip if a local team is in action.

As a city, Las Vegas is relatively up and coming within the broader American sporting landscape, best illustrated by the three new professional teams operating out of the city.

The Las Vegas Raiders were formed in 2020 and are the newest team in the NFL. Acclimatising to the rigours of professional football is always a challenge and whilst the Raiders franchise was simply transferred over from Oakland, the stature of professional football in the city is continuing to grow.

Vegas Golden Knights represent the state in the men’s National Hockey League whilst the Las Vegas Aces are one of the biggest teams in the Women’s NBA. This continuing development of sporting presence in Nevada is responsible for attracting and nurturing a whole new generation of sports fans in the Silver State.

College sport is also big business in Nevada, with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and the College of Southern Nevada both representing the state with aplomb at regional and national level.

As with most legislature in Nevada, there are very few restrictions placed on punters and every sporting market imaginable is available to gamblers.

Wagers on soccer, golf, tennis, and horse racing are all accepted in Nevada and are all an essential part of the fabric from which the sports betting industry within the state is built upon.

More niche sports betting markets such as Esports, MMA, darts, and snooker are also growing within the Nevada as it looks to cater for the tastes of every punter.

What types of sports bet can you place in Nevada?

As mentioned, Nevada is renowned for its limited laws placed on gamblers and with the industry currently transitioning online, there are a whole host of bets available to players.

Betting in-play has always held a certain grandeur with visitors and residents to Nevada and classic Moneyline and straight win bets are constantly being placed across Nevada’s sportsbook floors.

The emergence of online sportsbooks and betting sites has opened up other betting avenues to punters with live and in-play bets instantly accessible at the click of a button whilst the likes of spread, parlay and accumulator bets have also become hugely popular in the online sphere.

With the exception of betting on political results and events, pretty much anything goes for punters in the Silver State and as the original gambling state in the country, Nevada continues to set the trend for gambling and sports betting across America.

The online sports betting revolution is sweeping the country and with Nevada quick to get involved with the trend and run it alongside their existing successful operations, punters are spoilt for choice when betting in Nevada.

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