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Expert NCAAB Picks & Predictions

College sport is huge in the US and it doesn’t get much better than college basketball.

The countries top schools battle on the hard court for the National Championship, which is decided during March Madness.

A popular betting sport due to the quality of play and regularity of games, college basketball is one of the best games to bet on. Teams up and down the country compete for not only their conference title, but to be known as the National Champion in March.

The team at GoBet has college basketball picks and college basketball predictions for the biggest games every week.

March Madness Picks

March Madness is a great time of the year and we have March Madness picks and predictions for the biggest games.

64 of the best teams make the National Men’s Basketball Tournament, including the best from the biggest conferences.

It’s a knockout tournament where only one team comes out ahead at the end of the end. There are always upsets throughout the tournament, which is why bettors love March Madness.

Once the first two rounds are complete, actions moves to the Sweet 16, Elite 8, Final Four and then the National Championship Game.

It’s a hectic few weeks of college basketball, so it can be tough to follow. However, we released the March Madness schedule each year, so bettors can keep on top of things.

Below is the current format for the March Madness tournament.

  • Round 1
  • Round 2
  • Sweet 16
  • Elite 8
  • Final Four
  • Championship Game

Free Moneyline College Basketball Picks

We provide free college basketball picks for the biggest games of the week.

Our team of experts only preview the best-value games for bettors to enjoy, so you’re getting the best chance to cash in your wager.

College basketball games are played most days of the week, but the biggest games are played on Sunday and Monday.

Bookmakers offer moneyline markets for all Division 1 games, including conference tournaments, NIT games and Division 2 Championship games.

Major College Basketball Conferences

We have college basketball picks and predictions for games from the major conferences, including the following.

  • Big East
  • Pac-12
  • ACC
  • Big Ten
  • Big 12
  • SEC
  • Mountain West
  • Missouri Valley
  • West Coast

Against the Spread College Basketball Predictions

Against the Spread (ATS) betting is a highly popular option for basketball bettors. It involves betting on a team with a plus or minus points differential.

  • Gonzaga –15.5
  • Michigan State +15.5

If you bet on Gonzaga –15.5, the Bulldogs need to win by 16 points or more for your bet to cash. If you bet on Michigan State +15.5, the Spartans can finish within 15 points of Gonzaga.

ATS betting is popular in college basketball because there are often one-sided games in moneyline markets. Against the Spread makes for an even betting market, which is optimal for online bettors.

Over Under College Basketball Picks

An Over/Under wager is predicting how many points will be scored in the game. It is another highly popular market for college basketball bettors.

We often discuss how many points will be scored during a game and it provides bettors with another betting opportunity.

Betting on totals adds to the excitement and our college basketball picks feature totals analysis.

College Basketball Exotic Betting

There are multiple ways to successfully wager on college basketball games, which includes a huge selection of exotic markets.

There aren’t as many exotic options for college basketball as NBA, but bettors can still bet on double result, highest scoring half and many more options.

College basketball exotics are a great way to find value and we feature them in our game previews. There is no reason to limit how much you can make when betting on a game, so look out for our college basketball exotic betting picks.

College Basketball Parlay Picks

There is a huge selection of college basketball games every day. Sometimes there are between 30-40 games to bet on in one day, so parlaying is a good option.

Landing a parlay can result in a big payout, so we always suggest parlaying our best college basketball predictions for the day.

Our experts pick out the best games to include in a parlay, so make the most of the value and check them out.

College Basketball Insights

Our primary focus is on providing the best betting options and we have college basketball insights for every game we preview.

The latest news out of a school isn’t as easy to find as other sports, so our experts keep their ears to the ground to deliver the latest news and stats relevant to a game pick.

Other Betting Picks

We don’t only provide college basketball betting picks at GoBet, our expert picks also include:

  • NBA Picks
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