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Betfair Review


World's Biggest Betting Exchange

  • One of the more complete online bookmakers
  • Live betting is made easy with the mobile app
  • Bet or lay options available
  • Professional ownership which is forward thinking


  • Live betting
  • Great mobile app with new functions
  • Marketplace betting
  • Terrific odds


  • Can take some getting used to
  • Simple website design

Overall Rating

Website/App Design

Weekly Promotions

Customer Service

Betfair Info

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Betfair Introduction

Betfair is arguably the biggest and most innovative online bookmaker. First started in 1999 by Andrew Black and Edward Wray, Betfair was a unique betting experience.

Being able to both back and lay betting options is what made it different to other bookmakers and they have thrived on that platform since.

Having merged with Paddy Power, Betfair became even bigger and still thrives as a huge betting market, especially for the more professional punters.

How does Betfair compare?

Best Feature
Global Bookmaker
New Bookmaker!
Reboost Feature
Betting Exchange
Esports betting!

Betfair website design

Not too dissimilar to the design of ClassicBet, Betfair is slightly better and they’re not worried about their simple look too much.

Punters that use Betfair are serious about making coin and all the information and key markets are well presented. That includes upcoming games, popular betting markets and Betfair’s latest promotions.

They have a good list of quick links, which makes navigating the website easy and all the available sport options are listed down the left-hand side of the page.

At first glance, betting on Betfair markets can be confusing due to the option of backing and laying horses/sports. Once punters get used to seeing this layout, it becomes normal and one of the better betting interfaces on the web.

The negative with Betfair’s website design is that betting options are well labelled, especially for punters that have little idea how Betfair’s betting platform works. There are instructional guides, but at first glance, it all seems very confusing.

Overall, Betfair’s website design is good and one of their strengths.

Betfair Horse Racing

The horse racing section at Betfair is completely unique and it’s what makes Betfair such a popular online bookmaker.

Not only can punters bet on all the popular betting markets, including win, place and each-way, but they can also lay a runner. Laying is when you offer odds for other punters to back on a certain runner.

This is a popular betting option with informative punters and it’s especially popular with punters that have sizable bankrolls.

No other bookmaker offers this service and because other punters are offering odds, punters often get great odds. One punter could lay a runner at $5 when the TAB has it at $2.50. That’s completely up to the punter and he will see plenty of action on that bet.

On average, Betfair pays out 27% higher than other “best tote” options. That’s a sizable percentage.

Overall, they don’t have as many betting options, such as exotics, but if you’re keen on making a profit, Betfair is a must.

Betfair Sports Betting

Betfair offers a massive range of sports betting markets and they’re one of the industry leaders in this area.

Not only do they offer plenty of betting options, but their claim to fame is offering the best odds. Many surveys have been made about which bookmaker consistently offers the best odds and Betfair comes out on top.

This is largely due to the marketplace where fellow punters can offer their own odds, which are frequently better than what the bookmakers are offering. Punters should take advantage of this system at Betfair as it’s great value.

With most big sport games having 100/200+ betting options available, there’s no downside to betting on sports with Betfair.

Betfair customer service

As expected with a leading bookmaker, Betfair offers great customer service and most importantly a live chat option.

The live chat is available to all registered users and we have found the customer service to be top notch.

Punters can also use the email, telephone or social media avenues to contact Betfair.

Betfair mobile betting

Betfair offers a comprehensive mobile app.

They boast an impressive mobile app for both Android and iPhone. Punters can go to the Betfair website to find the download and they have instructions on how to install it.

Betting on the run is important, so having an app is a must for bookmakers and Betfair goes the extra yard by offering phone alerts and a bet tracker function which is just another handy tool for punters.

Betfair Payment options

Punters can a deposit at Betfair via the following methods:

Bank Transfer

They have all the depositing options that other bookmakers offer and withdrawing money is an easy process. Punters can expect withdrawals within a 24-hour period.

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